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    Thermotherapy : Cryotherapy

Thermotherapy / Cryotherapy

Thermotherapy – A warm disc is applied to the skin to open up the pores and warm the tissues allowing penetration of the product deeper into the dermis.

Cryotherapy – A cool disc is applied to the skin at the end of treatment to close the pores.



A mechanical exfoliation that gradually removes the top three layers of the epidermis, painlessly and safely.

A gentle, superficial mechanical exfoliation of dead skin cells stimulating the production of new cells and promoting the production of collagen in the skin.



Tightens and smooths skin by increasing cell regeneration, collagen production and the removal of fine lines and wrinkles.

Great for stubborn cellulite and dark circles under the eyes.


Non Surgical Face lift/Microcurrent

Non-surgical Face Lift treatment to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will tone and firm muscle fibre.

It also tones and firms facial contours, tightens sagging skin, lifts eyes, reduces eye bags, dark circles and increases cell renewal and increases lymphatic drainage. Originally used in the medical field for improving facial palsy

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Using red, blue, green and yellow light to treat various skin conditions including problematic acne, irritated and sensitised skin and ageing. Light therapy has many benefits. A different light colour (different wavelength) is used to produce special effects in the skin.

Red – increases collagen & elastin in the skin.

Blue – has an anti inflammatory, antibacterial effect for problematic skin or acne.

Green – has a soothing effect on irritation and redness.

Yellow – aids lymphatic drainage



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